More Work

This edit was screened at a private launch party hosted by LG Electronics to reveal their newest product at the time, the LG V10 Smartphone. The goal was to visually demonstrate man's progressive relationship with screens in order to reveal their newest device.

Here is a sample instructional video done for Real Simple. Halloween make up guide to help you look like Cleopatra "the Queen of the Nile".

Shot and Edited at Promedia NYC.

"Spink" is an experimental short film about a bonehead and his obsession with coffee & aliens.

Shot on the Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera.

This web series, "Date Night Diaries", follows Maddie on her journey for love as she teams up with Revlon and HowAboutWe to embark on 12 dates in 12 weeks.

Shot and Edited at Promedia NYC.

"Emerson" peeks into the purgatory of the American Dream, one that has disturbed the ambitious mind of young television salesman Virgil Emerson who can't seem to sell his father's television no matter how hard he tries...

Shot on 16 mm Color Film.

Experimenting with voyeurism. 16mm film.