SPINK  (2015)

SPINK is a short film about Spink, a bourgeois bonehead with too much free time on his hands. Eclipsed by boredom, he decides to build a machine intended to contact an ancient race of aliens who, according to his TV, are the key to saving mankind.

Second Place for "Best Experimental Flick" at the Fledgling Filmmakers Festival

Running Time - 10:11



I'm Your Mom (2014)

Sometimes strange things happen to normal people... 

Co-Written by Ricardo Nagaoka & Lachlan Turczan
Running Time - 08:51



EMERSON +++ (2014)

This off-brand comedy peeks into the purgatory of the American Dream, one that has disturbed the ambitious mind of young television salesman, Virgil Emerson. Unfortunately for Virgil, he can't seem to sell his father's television no matter how hard he tries...

Medium - 16mm Tri-X Color Film
Running Time - 06:44



Obsession (2013)

Collaboration for RISD Intermediate Film Course
Assignment - "Obsession"

Shot by Ricardo Nagaoka

Medium - 16mm Tri-X B&W Reversal Film





A frustrated hitchhiker finds beauty when least expected.  

Medium - 16mm Tri-X B&W Reversal Film
Running Time - 02:42

Screened at the Student Experimental Film Festival (SEFF) in Binghamton, NY